Nearest Contacts

Nearest Contacts geotags your contacts, and then shows them to you, arranged by how close they are, as a list or on a map.

What’s it good for? On the road, it’s a quick reminder of which of your friends, family, or colleagues are nearby. 

Calling on a customer? Use Nearest Contacts to find other customers that are nearby.

So use Contacts to remember your favorite sites, and Nearest Contacts to help you find them when you're in the area.

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PhotoNav lets you choose a photo from your photo library, see where it was taken, and get directions there. Simple.

Any Day Journal


Any day is a good day to start a journal…

Any day is a good day to start a journal; to promise, again, to tell the truth — the whole, nothing but, etc, etc. The gaps don't matter — it’s the writing down that counts.

The line is from one of Logan Mountstuart’s journals, in William Boyd's Any Human Heart.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to keep a journal, or you wish that you had kept a journal. Today is a good day to start your journal, and Any Day Journal is a good way to start it.

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