Nearest Contacts FAQ

Why don’t I see any contacts?

One possible reason: when you first run Nearest Contacts, it has to geo-locate all your contacts. This takes a while, and you need to refresh the list (or choose an origin) when it’s done.

Another reason: Nearest Contacts only displays contacts within about 1000 miles of your selected origin, so if the current group (and direction) has no contacts closer than that, the list will be empty.

Does Nearest Contacts need a network connection?

Mostly, no. Nearest Contacts needs the network (WiFi or cell) to learn the geographic location of the addresses in your Address Book, when you first use it and later whenever you add or change an address.

Nearest Contacts also needs GPS or your cell connection in order to use your current location as its origin.

Other than that, no connection is needed.

Do I need GPS or cell?

If you don’t have either GPS or cellular connectivity, you won’t be able to use your current location as Nearest Contacts’ origin. However, you can enter an address or use one of your contacts as the origin instead.

How do I update the current location?

Go to the Origin screen and tap Use Current Location, or, if the Current Location is already your origin, tap the refresh button or give your iPhone or iPad a shake to update it.

How do I see a map and directions?

Tap the map pin of an entry on the main page to see it on a map. When the map appears, tap the entry’s blue arrow to get directions from the Maps app. When you’re done with Maps, double-click the Home button and tap Nearest to return to Nearest Contacts, or use the Nearest Contacts icon as usual.

Why am I not seeing my Contacts’ images?

Nearest Contacts will show you your Contacts images except when your iPhone is in portrait orientation, where there’s not enough room on the screen for the images.

How can I add a contact to a group? Or create a new contact group?

To add a new contact to an existing group in the Contacts app, display the group and then add the new contact.

For other functions, use use the iCloud Contacts web interface or your desktop address book.

Nearest Contacts can add the current location to the currently selected contact group. Just tap the + button, and fill in the resulting contact page. Use the supplied address or, if that’s not good enough, use the supplied latitude and longitude for the address.