Any Day Journal FAQ

NOTE: Any Day Journal is no longer under active development. We will keep it up to date for new iOS and iPhone versions as long as practical, but we don’t recommend it for new users.


What about iPad?

Any Day is optimized for the iPhone form-factor, especially its relatively small screen size. We didn’t think that we could do justice to both the iPhone and iPad in the same application. And since we’re more likely to have our iPhone with us when we want to write a journal entry, we chose iPhone as Any Day’s platform.

How do I share my journal on Facebook? Twitter?

Beginning with Any Day Journal version 1.5, you can share a journal entry (text, photos, sketches) with Facebook, Twitter, email or texting. Tap the entry to go to the edit view, and then tap the share button at the top left. You can also copy and paste, of course, and share the photos that Any Day saves in your image library.

Are the photos high resolution?

Any Day’s photos are reduced to the size required to make best use of an iPhone Retina display. This keeps your stored journals relatively small. However, full-size copies of the photos are (by default) saved in your photo library and can be used as usual.

How secure is my Any Day journal?

Any Day’s own passcode protection is reasonably secure, but keep in mind that a four-digit passcode isn’t that hard to discover by brute force if someone gets physical possession of your iPhone. For higher security, set the iPhone password. In that case, your Any Day journals are securely encrypted whenever your iPhone is locked. You may also wish to encrypt your iTunes backups in the iPhone Summary tab in iTunes.

How do I…?

Any Day has a comprehensive set of help pages. Tap the ? button on any screen for help on that particular screen. Once you’re viewing a help page, tap the ? button once more for an index to all the help pages.